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Santevia system provides alkaline mineralized water

Gravity water system produces alkaline mineralized water that is healthier than reverse osmosis.

There is a problem with reverse osmosis water filtration systems and that is that they strip your drinking water of all minerals. Since your blood is similar in composition to sea water your body will have to make up for those lost minerals. The Santevia system solves this problem by mineralizing the water. It also adjusts the pH so that it is mildly alkaline. Your blood needs to be slightly alkaline for optimum health.

The system is not expensive at all, at $180 CDN it is a real bargain.

The Santevia gravity powered system features a multi stage filtration and re-mineralization process which cleans, mineralizes and invigorates your water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline.

The simple design of the Santevia water system makes it ideal for home, condo, cottage, or office. Get healthy, save money, protect the environment, and enjoy fabulous tasting water with the Santevia Water System. Healthier Humans – One Drop at a Time!

Available at Spectrum Healing Naturopathic.

For more information go to the manufacturer website.

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